“The challenging of basic assumptions is essential to breakthroughs.”

- Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt 


Master the fundamentals of a skill that – as Eli Goldratt would say – is essential to creating breakthroughs.

 In this course you'll:

✔️ Learn the five step process for exposing & challenging assumptions that you currently hold + how to course correct for those you find are faulty.

✔️ Get actionable insights that you'll be able to use immediately.

✔️ Develop an important TOC skillset, without an enormous time commitment. Course content itself takes approx. 2.5 hours; unlimited review for up to a year.      

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More about the course.

In this course, you'll learn the essentials of Assumption Hacking. What is Assumption Hacking? Well, it's a simple, practical approach to uncovering, challenging and doing something useful with the assumptions we make. It is a critical skill for solving problems, eliminating conflicts, learning from mistakes, understanding others, and understanding ourselves.

To challenge basic assumptions, we first need to expose them. But basic assumptions are mainly hiding below the surface, alive and well in our intuition, rarely verbalized. We make assumptions all the time. So how to know which ones need identifying, and then how to identify them? 

Get instant access for $195.

Master the fundamentals of perhaps TOC's most essential skill – how to challenge your most basic assumptions.

Get instant access for $195.