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About JonahLisa

I've spent the past 30+ years in the TOC consulting and educating field, leading implementations and helping companies deliver unparalleled operational and financial results.
But in 2019 I decided to set out on a different path. Using TOC principles, I now focus on equipping leaders and their teams to uncover the faulty assumptions at the core of their toughest challenges so that they can deliver extraordinary results.

I call it Assumption Hacking.

More about JonahLisa

Annette Danek-Akey

EVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Penguin Random House

Lisa's a great listener and asks fantastic questions... ones that lead you down a path of your own discovery.

Eliyahu Goldratt

Author of The Goal, Creator of Theory of Constraints (TOC)

I'm recommending this book [Lisa's Thinking for a Change] to anyone who wants to learn more about the [TOC] Thinking Processes. I even recommend it to veteran Jonah's.

Greg Sorum

President, Cartiva Inc.

Lisa has helped us move much  further ahead in our TOC journey. She's very engaging and explains things in a clear way. It's a joy to work with her! 


For a different take on your toughest challenges.

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