Redesign how you think.

Get results, find meaning, achieve fulfillment.

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Results & Meaning.
You need both.

Results without meaning are hollow. Meaning without results is unsustainable. With over 30 years experience in TOC thinking, Lisa Scheinkopf has developed the Jenrada Clarity PrincipleTM, a revolutionary approach to achieving rich meaning while maintaining the robust thinking that TOC is known for.

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The Jenrada Clarity Principle

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Online programs and coaching that combine rigorous TOC thinking with a human-centric approach. Get results, find meaning, achieve fulfillment.

FOCUS like a laser beam on ONE purpose-based goal that fuels an inner fire and inspires you to think outside the box because it is bigger than yourself.

With logic, creativity and emotion, you develop a new way of THINKING. Every problem becomes figureoutable. Every solution is a win-win. 

Approaching a situation with empathy and heart, you are able to COMMUNICATE with clear thinking, intentional focus and infinite abundance.

I help you redesign how you think.

As a leading expert in the Theory of Constraints for more than 30 years, I teach leaders how to identify and address their most pressing limiting issue by focusing on the one thing that changes everything, communicating with empathy and heart, and thinking logically and creatively to achieve rapid results.


More About Lisa

You're the bottleneck

And that's a good thing.

Once you find your flow, you begin to see all that is possible - for yourself, your team and your business.


Be a more confident decision-maker.


Inspire others to step into their fullest potential.


Set yourself and your business up for success. 

With the right processes and mindset, you can design your path by...


  • Setting ONE purpose-based goal that inspires you into action
  • Identifying the ONE constraint that is most limiting your success
  • Creating ONE solution that helps you clearly see the needle in the haystack so you can take consistent measured action toward your goal

By focusing on a single purpose-based goal, you can...

  • Pinpoint the one thing that requires immediate attention - instead of wasting energy, resources and time on a long checklist that keeps you doing surface-level tasks that never move you ahead.
  • Rapidly learn and course-correct - so you aren't reinventing the wheel or making the same mistakes over again.
  • Take intentional, measurable leaps forward - with a solid strategy, proven framework, and high-touch support and accountability.

Get the results that make a difference,
without losing the meaning that drives you.