The Change Matrix Course

By Lisa Scheinkopf, renowned TOC expert and
author of Thinking for a Change.

A new toolset to apply TOC thinking and create the change you need.


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Thanks to Lisa Scheinkopf for the wonderful course about "The Change Matrix" - one of the simple and effective tools from Theory of Constraints to navigate resistance to change. It's a short and well designed course. I really love the way Lisa presented the course. (B. Sankaran)


Uncover what's been stopping you.


In this course, you'll learn how to use a Change Matrix. Based on my years 30 years of TOC experience, using the Change Matrix will help you get clear on the crucial and often neglected facets of any decision or change. 

Evaluate the trade-offs,  find the win-wins.


With the Change Matrix, you'll reveal the most significant reasons to make a change as well as the most daunting reasons not to.  Once you verify that the change is powerfully compelling, it guides you to hone your focus on what you need to do in order to avoid negative consequences, mitigate risks and ensure a win-win outcome.

Get the collaboration you need.


Concerned about others' resistance to a decision or change? With the Change Matrix, you expose the reasons that people would both embrace and resists a change. And creates a powerful building block for enthusiastic collaboration. 

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Meet Your Guide

Lisa has been at the forefront of TOC thinking for over 30 years. Now she's combining the results-oriented programs that TOC is known for with an insistence on finding real purpose and meaning in the work you do.

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What others have said about Lisa.

"Lisa has helped us move much further ahead in our TOC journey. It’s a joy to work with her!"

Greg Sorum,
The Rydell Group,
Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

"I can’t recommend the program enough if you are stuck in mind loops or want to discover what you are really good at doing..."

Nadia Schmidt,
Berlin, Germany

"Many aha moments and much valuable learning that was not very obvious when I had read books on TOC thinking processes..."

Venkat Babu,
Bengalru, India

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