"If you dislike like change, you're going to dislike irrelevance even more."

- General Eric Shinseki

Change is inevitable. Managing it well is not. And yet much of your success, in business and in life, will turn on your ability to succeed through big changes. This course will show you how.

✔️ Learn the 4 essential considerations for succeeding through big changes.

✔️ With your guided workbook, create breakthrough for a change you're currently facing. 

✔️ Get an actionable path forward in as few as 2.5 hours from course start.       

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Uncover what's been 
stopping you.

Thrive in the midst of change by learning how to use a change matrix. In my 30+ years of TOC experience, I've seen this framework help hundreds of people and organizations get clear on the crucial (and often neglected) facets of the changes and decisions being faced.

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Evaluate the trade-offs,
find the win-wins.

Learn how to uncover the most significant reasons to make a change as well as the most daunting reasons not to. If the change proves itself as powerfully compelling, I'll show you how to hone your focus on what needs to be done in order to avoid negative consequences, mitigate risks and ensure a win-win outcome.

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Get buy-in from others
on big changes.

Concerned about others' resistance to a decision or change? With a change matrix, you expose the reasons that people would both embrace and resist a change. And you create a powerful building block for enthusiastic collaboration. 

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Change is inevitable. Learn to manage it well.

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