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Unplugged in Sedona

Mar 30, 2023

4 minute read... 

When my husband and I take a long road trip, the typical scenario is that I bring my laptop and get some work done while he drives.

Last week, I changed things up.

Despite 2.5 hours in the passenger seat and the many things that needed to get done, I decided to leave my computer at home. On the desk. To go untouched for 3 days. 

That was so not me. 

Why such a behavior change?

My work, my daughter's wedding.

You see, we were heading to Sedona, Arizona, where our daughter’s wedding was set to take place. My aim was to be totally, utterly in-the-moment throughout this once-in-a-lifetime experience. To enjoy this time with my husband as we made our journey up to Sedona, and to savor every moment once there. 

As we pulled away from our house (and I faced the reality that I actually did leave my computer on my desk), I felt a sense of freedom along with the happiness and anticipation of this event we had been looking forward to for months.

The wedding was beyond beautiful and we are elated to welcome our new son-in-law and his family into ours. 

And here’s the thing: I didn’t miss my keyboard and screen one bit.

Assumption hacking my apprehension. 

Why am I sharing this with you, in what is supposed to be a business-oriented newsletter? Well, for starters, I’m still glowing with joy – so why not spread some of that joy with you? And if you want to know when revenues aren’t really revenues, well that newsletter can wait one more week! 

But while we’re here, I am going to leave you with one piece of assumption hacking as it relates to my story above.

After I returned home, I reflected and filled in the blanks in the model below. You can see I also added a few places where what I was feeling played a role (see last week’s newsletter for further context).

As I mapped out my decision, I also uncovered a feeling that I hadn’t previously verbalized: apprehension. I had assumed that having a computer with me would mean I would work on said computer. And so I became apprehensive that I wouldn’t be as fully engaged in the wedding experience as I wanted to be. It was this feeling of apprehension, stemming from my assumption, that led to me making my decision: “I am going to leave my computer at home.”

I’m so glad I did.


Where we had the ceremony, no laptops in sight.



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